Performing in front of large groups of people can be nerve-racking, and just because you've done it for years doesn't make it any easier. Just ask NKOTB's Jonathan Knight, who walked off the stage during the boy band's New York City concert and never returned.

At about the 27-minute mark of their performance, the band was performing their ballad 'Survive You,' and Jonathan looked visibly uncomfortable on stage. When his part of the song came, he attempted to sing to no avail.

Finally, his brother Jordan sings his part of the song with his hand on Jonathan's arm, but it was too much for the older Knight to take. He left the stage and did not return for the remainder of NKOTB's performance, even though the other guys assured fans he would be back. He also didn't take the stage after fans chanted his name.

Jonthan Knight has a history of anxiety, which contributed to his reasons for leaving the band in 1994. He told PEOPLE in 2000, "We performed in front of 30,000 people every night and I had lots of anxiety attacks. Those attacks had a big impact on my determining to leave the entertainment industry."

We wish Knight the best as he and his bandmates embark on their The Package Tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men!

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