No Doubt and Nicole Scherzinger, among others, tweeted endorsements for Republican candidate Ron Paul on Wednesday, but it looks like the stars were the victims of Twitter hacking.

No Doubt’s account reflected this message at approximately 11AM on Jan. 11: “Today We Officially Endorse Ron Paul 2012 Donate to him here #ronpaulrevolution.” It was followed by another tweet, which read: “If you actually read what Ron Paul is saying, you will discover that for the first time in your life a politician is not lying to you.”

Meanwhile, this tweet was posted to Scherzinger’s account: “For the first time ever a politician isn’t lying to us. WAKE UP AMERICA! Ron Paul 2012 #RonPaulRevolution.” Rockers Rise Against also fell victim to the hacking, tweeting, “We endorse Ron Paul this 2012 too. We love you Ron! Donate: #ronpaulrevolution.”

The tweets have since been taken down from each Twitter account, but the messages on No Doubt’s Twitter page reportedly remained up for two hours. Since the incident, neither No Doubt nor Scherzinger have tweeted about the endorsements.

Rise Against, however, did make it a point to comment on the invasion. The band wrote: “We were hacked. As you would all assume, We DO NOT support Ron Paul.”