The whole world gone crazy, y'all. There is at least one serial Austin, TX porch pirate who had the gall to seek revenge on one of their victims. What in the hell could be going through this thief's mind?

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It's like the burglar who breaks into a home, falls and hurts himself, then thinks "Hey! Imma sue the homeowner!" Who emboldened the riffraff? Some of these thieves out here zero bounds. Remember the story of a burglar who sued the homeowner who shot him?

This story out of Austin, somehow, just feels worse though. It's like this particular thief has some warped sense of entitlement to packages on porches in South Austin.

Here's what happened.

According to KXAN, several people in a south Austin neighborhood said their doorbell cameras have caught the same people swiping packages from their porches. From the video the victims thought it was the same people, so one couple decided to be proactive. You know perhaps detour them from stealing from them or their neighbors again.

So, they put a box of poop filled diapers on their porch and waited.

Of course the scumbags eventually took the bait. So, end of story, right? No one would ever go back to the scene of the baby poop stealing crime... But come back they did.

“The same [people] came back and took [the] package,” she said. “And when they discovered it was a bunch of dirty diapers they came back and smeared those diapers on our front door. Thirty minutes later, they came back with a giant bag of cow manure. They spread that all over our front porch and on our cars in the driveway,” Gabriela tells KXAN.

The culprits haven't been found yet, but The Austin Police Department said it’s an active case. And hey, next time you're out there stealing from people and get a box of poo, just take the L, bro.

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