Okay so we know Ke$ha is always pulling some sort of attention getting stunt. Whether she  is wearing bamboo sunglasses and rainbow colored cornrow braids but, has she gone too far with her latest stunt? 

Ke$ha has been handed her own show on MTV 'Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life' and in a recent episode Ke$ha is riding around with her friends and some how conversation takes a very Man vs. Wild turn when someone in her posse talks about a friend of their mother who drinks her own urine everyday and swears it is good for you. Ke$sha quickly offers up to drink her own lemonade. The camera then quickly cuts away and returns to the star of the show holding a plastic bottle filled with a yellowish translucent liquid. Ke$ha takes  a sniff as if she is about to taste a vintage wine and even offers her friends to take a whiff and wisely decline. Now comes the climactic moment, Ke$ha brings the cut bottle to her lips and takes a swig and violently reacts to the taste and quickly hands the bottle of to a crew member that disposes of the foul drink.

After the episode had aired the Parents Television Council has formally filed a complaint with cable providers saying that parents should not be forced to pay for channels that offer such junk. The PTC along with Senator Jon McCain have petitioned cable companies to not force parents to accept channels that do not offer family friendly programming and allow customers to choose other channels instead.


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