Our East Texas NFL super star, Patrick Mahomes, has pretty much become the new face of the National Football League. You don't have to go far to find proof. He's on the cover of Madden 20:

He stars in Direct TV's NFL Sunday Ticket commercial:

And now, as we see in the commercial at the top of the page, the Head & Shoulders torch seems to be have been passed to Mahomes by Pittsburg Steelers great Troy Polamalu.

The commercial is absolutely hilarious, too. The two start out "arguing" if Head & Shoulders is a better defense or offense. It turns into a pronunciation battle followed by a, for lack of a better term, hair battle. I will admit, Polamalu wins the hair battle but Mahomes gets the last laugh with the hand held fan.

Keep it up Patrick, you continue to make East Texas proud. Bring home that championship in Kansas City, dude. Go Chiefs!

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