East Texas is full of haunting legends.

This may come as a surprise to those new to our area. After all, in many ways our East Texas cities are some of the friendliest, coziest towns you can find anywhere.

But every area has its own local legends and haunted lore. And Tyler is no exception.

Practically a "rite of passage" for many a Tyler teenager, the infamous 'Werewolf Lane' ranks high up on the list of scary stories, and alternatively, funny memories of finding ourselves oh-so-very frightened. That includes me, too.

Recently, Tyler residents spent some time reminiscing about 'Werewolf Lane' and swapped stories that will both amuse and, in some cases, terrify.

Photo courtesy of John Hilliard
Werewolf Lane, Photo courtesy of John Hilliard
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John Sigler remembers the road like so many of us did back in the day: 

"The tree limbs hung over the road and it was dark. Like you were in a tunnel of sorts."

Yes, that's how I remember it, too.

Many a slumber party I attended, particularly during this time of year, included a hay ride down "Werewolf Lane." The scariest part to many was always coming around that turn next to the Barron Cemetery.

The cemetery was not particularly tended to--which added to the spookiness. And there were many stories of teenagers scaring each other and/or doing some kind of "initiation" for new members of high school sports or dance teams, etc.

Photo courtesy of John Hilliard
Barron Cemetery, Photo courtesy of John Hilliard

Steven Davis recalls that one night when he was driving by the cemetery, when his car stalled and wouldn't start. I'm afraid if that'd happened to me my HEART would've stalled. I can't imagine ever having been brave enough to drive down that road at night by myself anyway. You?

J Scott Clark remembers:

"I can’t think of more scary times, when I finally got to take my ‘66 Chevrolet fleet side down that road. All dark, trees covering the road, pulling up to the old rod iron fence, headlamps off. Killing the engine and praying the old girl would crank before the ghosts took us to hell."


Speaking of hellish things, some of the worst stories told involved what many feared were strange rituals being performed in the name of a Satanic figure or some form of dark witchcraft. Even the most skeptical among us couldn't help but be perplexed or fascinated.

There were many mornings where strange remnants of the evening past were found in the old cemetery. Among these were bits of burned clothing, animal remains, strange symbols, and more.

Megan McClain, Unsplash
Megan McClain, Unsplash

Darin Stewart recalled a time when he and his friends were hanging out in the cemetery when a huge headstone toppled over...

"We thought we were tough…..but we ran to the car and fled…..scared as could be. When we turned right onto 69 towards town we noticed a ‘big book’ in the middle of the road. We turned around to get it, it was a Bible! It changed the way I looked at Werewolf Lane forever! Last time we (I) ever entered the cemetery!"

Can't say I blame him. ;)

Ah but we could go on. We'd love to hear YOUR "Werewolf Lane" story.

Niranjan, Unsplash
Niranjan, Unsplash

Depending on your perspective, you may or may not be happy to know that what we remember as 'Werewolf Lane' is no longer since the construction of Loop 49. Although some of the road still exists, as well as Barron Cemetery, it's not what it once was.

Jill Glenn Steigman said the road that "was Skidmore Lane/Road and now is Marsh Farms Road" has a lovely subdivision at the end of it.

Jerry Butch Redfearn says the road "got cut in half by loop 49. The cemetery can still be accessed off of 69 just south of 49. The old bridge can be accessed off of Paluxy just north of 49."

Oh yeah, the bridge. I'd forgotten about that part. 

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