It’s time once again for the best photos of the week. We have some intense competition photos (horse racing and dog surfing), some crazy fashions to wear to those competitions (though a feather hat may not be the best choice for the dog surfing) and some pics of celebrities, though epic, we never really wanted to see. Plus, the muscular alien from ‘Prometheus’ without his make-up on. Check out the photos below.

Prince William Thinks Rhino Poachers Are “Ignorant”

What Do You Wear To the royal ascot horse race?


And This…

Meet the Man Underneath the ‘Prometheus‘ Alien Costume

Olympic Torch Bearer Proposes to His Girlfriend

Nik Wallenda Tight Ropes Across Niagra Falls

1960s Schoolgirl is a Leo DiCaprio Look-alike

Alec Baldwin Goes Pant-less on Television


Doggie Shredding in Surfing Competition

Nathan Rupert, Flickr

If Nicolas Cage and a Cat had a Baby


Old School Cool


It’s Right There! Just Look Up!

Overly Attached Girlfriend in Real Life