While on vacation last week, I realized and noticed that a lot of people take their pillows with them on vacation.  I noticed this after checking into the hotel the first night we were traveling.  I saw one lady with her family that took in three pillows and at least one long body pillow through the front door.

After noticing this at the hotel the night before, the next day while on the road to Colorado, I saw several cars with people with their pillows!  Something I didn't realize the first day of traveling.  Now some were using them to prop their head up against the window to catch a little sleep on the drive but I didn't realize that a lot of people traveled with their pillows.

I don't understand why people travel with their pillows while on vacation.  Some people are worried about sleeping in dirty hotel beds, but just think about this...if you're worried about the condition of the bed in the hotel, you're placing your good pillow on that dirty bed and then taking it back to your home when your trip ends!  Besides, the hotel provides pillows on the bed that you're going to be sleeping in and in some cases, there are way too many pillows on the bed to begin with.

Just a thought from my vacation!

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