Pitbull suits up and goes back in time in his latest video for ‘Back in Time.’ The track is the theme song to the Will Smith-starring flick ‘Men in Black 3,’ which hits theaters in 3-D on May 25. The dapper rapper looks fashionable cool in his black suit and cool shades.

In the video, Mr. Worldwide and his sexy co-star find themselves in various scenes from the sci-fi comedy. The duo first visits a Chinese restaurant where they watch agents Jay and Kay (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ characters, respectively) battle it out with covert aliens. Pitbull is so cool he doesn’t even jump into the fray, he just lets his agent friend blast an extraterrestrial with her gun.

Elsewhere in the clip, Pitbull travels back in time to the late ’60s and performs at a fashion show with go-go dancers and pop icon Andy Warhol in attendance. Not bad for a day’s work.

Pitbull’s ‘Back in Time’ video is fun to watch and should get you amped to see Smith and Jones reunite again to save the world in ‘Men in Black 3.’

Watch the Pitbull ‘Back in Time’ Video