When I think of food delivery the first thing that comes to mind is pizza or Chinese.  However, with the way technology is set up, you can get just about anything delivered to you and there is one well known fast food restaurant that is now venturing into delivery services. Personally, I am confused about it.

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Through this partnership the nation's largest fast food chain will be able to deliver to customers who live North of 217 McDonald's which is the majority of the 320+ North Texas locations.  The full menu will be available for delivery, (except for ice cream cones) and the booking fee will be about $5 which is also the average check for a McDonald's meal.

I don’t want to come off as a hater, but this doesn't seem like a great idea. McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant.  Say it with me people “FAST-FOOD-RESTAURANT!”  Meaning I can get in and get out in less than 10 mins tops and enjoy my meal.  Come to think about it, most McDonald’s are no more than 10-15 mins away so by the time you get your food I'm finished and going on about my day.

Look at it from this way?  What if the UberEats take 30 mins to deliver your food and your McDonald’s fries are cold or your milkshake is warm?  If that would happen to me I’m telling you right now there will be smoke in the city!

I'm not telling you what to do with your UberEats app when it comes to ordering fast food.  However, I know when it comes to wanting something fast and quick I will not depend on UberEats to deliver it for me.  Let me know how that works if you try it.

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