South Tyler and Gresham area residents will have to endure a couple months of a detour but the payout is going to be beneficial to traffic flow through the area. The City of Tyler has been working on creating a new east - west artery across South Tyler by extending Cumberland Road from Broadway over to Old Jacksonville Hwy. The project has been coming along (although pretty slow in my opinion, but there have been weather delays though!) and the project is now entering into it's final phase.

Beginning Monday, February 22nd, Cumberland Road (formerly CR 164/Balsam Gap) will be closed from Old Jacksonville Hwy. to Stonebridge Way (entrance to Cumberland Place Apartments). Construction crews will be constructing the new Cumberland Road over the next two months, weather permitting. The intersection the way it is now is going to be reconfigured and the road renamed from Balsam Gap/CR 164 to Cumberland Road and will extend all the way to Paluxy Dr. (FM 756). Once the road is straightened out and completed, Balsam Gap will not be accessible from Cumberland Road and will end with a cul-de-sac.

Residents who use this road on a daily basis will be detoured to Blue Mountain Boulevard as an alternative route while construction is going on.

Living in the area, this is one road project within the City of Tyler that I am looking forward to completion! It's going to make getting over to Broadway a bit easier and with traffic signals at Broadway I won't have to dodge oncoming traffic to get on Hwy. 69 at FM 2813!