A lawsuit suit was filed earlier this month on behalf of a Texas teen who claims her parents are forcing her to have an abortion against her wishes. Normally we hear about teens fighting with their parents, but this is quite a different thing. This has become a fight over life. 

Out of Harris County, this 16-year-old young girl is fighting for her right to keep her baby. The girl says her parents are trying to force an abortion on her.

To protect herself and her child, she contacted the Texas Center for Defense of Life (TCDL). This group is a nonprofit organization of pro-life attorneys. They helped her file her suit earlier this month. They agree that no parent can force their child to have an abortion.

Are these parents really forcing an abortion on their child? The young girl called, R.E.K., to help hide her identity because she is a minor, claims her parents are already trying to force her into the decision.

In fact, the decision is hers alone to make.

With this all said, it seems that this suit will help this girl and the child's father continue with their pregnancy. But, this is not the last we will hear of stories like this. Apparently, these kinds of suits are happening more than we know.

Stephen Casey of the TCDL, says that this is happening often, but goes unreported.

Casey just helped a young lady file against her family for trying to force her to have an abortion back in December of 2012. This 14-year-old Corpus Christi resident stated that," her grandmother supposedly scheduled an appointment for her to receive an abortion and one of her cousins allegedly physically assaulted her when she refused to go."

Though her grandmother claimed that no one was forcing her into an abortion, the girl is now living with another relative in protective custody.

This is a wild, wild world we live in to hear stories of girls suing their parents to protect themselves and their babies against forced abortion. What happened to the days of the worst fight between a teen and her parents being about a bad grade on a test?