If you didn’t vote yesterday or during the early voting period in Texas, what was your excuse? Was it because you couldn’t find the time, or because the voting precincts were too far out of your way? Maybe voting was just too big of a hassle. Well take the unbelievable efforts of these folks into consideration.

There was a woman in Illinois who was about to have a baby – she was having contractions – and she stopped to vote on the way to the hospital. Feel bad now?

The Chicago mother-to-be Galicia Malone was in labor with her contractions five minutes apart when she stopped to vote. After she cast her ballot, Malone went to the hospital and had her baby. She didn’t say who she voted for, or if she was naming the baby after the candidate.

In Detroit, an elderly man at the polling place actually died. But wait! Luckily a nurse happened to be there and gave him CPR. The man was revived and he finished voting.

If you voted successfully without health challenges, good for you! And if you didn’t vote this time, let these folks inspire you for 2016.