You've all battled it out for months, wondering who will eventually rein supreme in our weekly Pro Football Pick 'Ems challenge. Well, wonder no more. Ladies and gentlemen, give a hearty round of applause to Tom Moore of Quitman.

Tom has been a lifelong Dallas Cowboy's fan and a fan of the Chiefs since 1990.

"I am super excited to win," he said. "The last two weeks I knew that I was in first place, so I just tried hard not to mess up the picks. I would love to see a Cowboys versus Chiefs game."

Tom will be the recipient of our local prize pack, which includes an overnight stay at the Horseshoe Casino in Shreveport, a $150 gift certificate to Jacks Binion’s Steakhouse, as well as 4 complimentary buffets.

In addition to his local prize, Tom will also have the chance to win $10,000 if he can successfully guess the final score of the Super Bowl.

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