We have a natural fascination with the real estate of the rich. How many cars will fit in their garage? How big is their home theater? That living room is huge. This particular piece of real estate is certainly one to drool over. It's a ranch located in West Texas that was owned by an oil tycoon before he passed away a couple of years ago. It has luxury stacked on top of luxury on top of luxury.

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When you think of West Texas, most think of flat desert. For the portion of West Texas that the Mesa Vista Ranch sits on, it's a little more than that. The ranch covers just under 65,000 acres of eastern West Texas and features waterways that feed off the Canadian River that lead into several man made lakes. That area is undeveloped and teaming with wildlife. Some call it the best quail hunting destination in the state, if not the world.

I'm going to take a moment and daydream about the developed portion of the property. I like that there is a chapel that sits by one of the many man made lakes. The perfect spot for a morning devotion or just to have a quiet place to pray.

Then there are the multiple houses on the property, one for each season of the year.

  • 25,000 square foot lodge
  • 11,500 square foot lake house
  • 6,000 square foot family house
  • 2,300 square foot gatehouse

I'm just imaging taking the 25,000 square foot lodge for myself and let three of my friend's families live in the other houses. I could then invite them over for movie night in the 30-seat theater. The guys could come over and have a drink or two in the pub that's on site then play some golf on the small course. The ladies could play tennis and play with the dogs in the 12,000 square foot kennel.

If I have other guests over, I could fly them in on my private jet because of the landing strip that's on the property. Basically, I would never need to leave this ranch for anything because it has everything.

In all, this property will run you about $170 million, just about the amount you have under your mattress, right? Get the full details from realtors Hall and Hall at their website.

So yeah, now that that daydream is over, you can daydream yourself with the virtual tour of the Mesa Vista Ranch below.

Virtually Explore the Mesa Vista Ranch in West Texas

This ranch has four homes, a private airport, thousands of acres to hunt, a golf course, your own chapel and so much more.

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