Today marks the 12th anniversary that changed our nation and our world forever. People throughout East Texas and all over the nation today will take time to reflect on this day and what it means and remember exactly where they were and what they were doing. It's one of the major events in our lives we will never forget.

I was asked that question this morning, "What were you doing when you heard the news about the planes hitting the World Trade Center buildings in New York on September 11th?"

I was working in Portland, OR at Star 105.9 running the morning show. Our syndicated show was from Los Angeles, while the show was on I was watching Good Morning America and about the same time I saw the GMA team talking about what was happening, the morning show, Jamie and Danny, started talking about a major event going on in New York City. The show stayed on the air and was relaying the news reports out of New York. By this time our traffic and news reporter, Marie Dodds, came in the studio with me and we were just watching the television and all of the images coming out of New York city. We were both stunned and in disbelief. Images of the burning World Trade Center building was being shown on TV and then it happened live, the second plane slammed into the second World Trade Center building. I was completely stunned that something like this could happen and I then realized that this isn't some kind of freak accident.

By this time, we the station was simulcasting ABC News on the air and stayed with their coverage pretty much for the next day and a half.

After seeing these images play out on TV over and over again for the next week or so and watching the rescue and recovery efforts take place in NYC, our nation felt a resurgence of patriotism and national pride. Driving through Portland and the suburbs, all you'd see were the Stars and Stripes being proudly displayed and flown. A sign of national pride like we'd never seen.

I wish that symbolism was as great today as it was the few weeks after our proud nation was attacked. On this very special day in our nations history, I hope that sometime today you take time out of your day and reflect upon what happened to our nation 12 years ago and may we never forget.

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