News reporters are known for making bloopers on air that end up going viral online. These videos are typically ones that make us laugh at something dumb they did. But, a reporter up in Colorado didn't do anything funny, in fact he made a little boy cry.

KDVR Fox 31 field reporter Dan Daru was doing a live shot from the Fall Harvest Festival in Platteville, Colo., when he went to point out a cute toddler in a stroller. The blonde hair, blue eyed cutie has a face that the camera loved, he however was not too fond of the camera being all up in his bubble.

He just began talking to him and made a joke comparing him to Albert Einstein. The young'n must not have appreciated it because he immediately started crying. Dan's co-anchors felt bad for the young boy and gave him a hard time for making the youngster cry.

To redeem himself, the reporter began dancing and singing a song from "The Wizard of Oz." I guess he thought it would help the boy instead of frightening him even more.