If you don't watch the soapy smash hit 'Scandal,' many of Jimmy Kimmel's recent long-form skits on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' might be lost on you. After all, the late-night host has kind of made sending up the show his bag (he's even started his own fake version of the show, 'Escandalo'). But the latest batch of 'Scandal'-centric bits have some universal appeal. Mainly this one, because it's bloopers. Who doesn't love bloopers?

Hey, even an over-the-top, super-serious political drama (snort) like 'Scandal' is rife with flubs, and who can't laugh at people biffing their lines, drawing major blanks, and using "fart" in place of other expletives. Also, there may be a Shake Weight in there.

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