Andre 3000 appears to be adjusting into his movie role as guitar legend Jimi Hendrix for the biopic ‘All Is By My Side.’ The rapper-actor was spotted by photographers outside of Dublin, Ireland on the set rocking an unkempt afro, bell-bottom pants and a blue bathrobe.

The ‘Hey Ya’ rapper bears a striking resemblance to the late rock icon. Andre tried his best to shield himself from the photographers but it didn’t help — they were able to capture every part of his costume.

As we previously reported, no original music will be featured in the film, which could pose a problem. Without permission from Hendrix’s estate to use his music in the project, this could turn deter audiences from seeing the movie altogether.

Reps for the film wouldn’t comment on the Hendrix’s estate denouncing the project or how the film would showcase Hendrix’s songs. When asked whether the biopic would feature Hendrix’s music, the rep said the production companies “appreciate the valid question, but we’re not getting into specifics outside of what we’ve shared so far.”

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the producers found a creative way around the issue. They hired Chickenfoot drummer Kenny Aronoff to gather a band to cover Hendrix’s songs with Andre 3000. The group recorded a number of tracks for the film, including ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘Killing Floor.’

“We basically had to become the Jimi Hendrix Experience — which is ridiculous,” Aronoff says. “First of all, you’re talking about, how are we going to get those sounds, how are we going to get the feel … I honestly believe that you have to have grown up in that time, you have to have lived through that time to understand and feel it.”

‘All Is By My Side’ is being directed by ‘Three Kings’ screenwriter John Ridley and chronicles Hendrix’s life in England from 1966 to 1967 when he was recording his classic debut album ‘Are You Experienced.’

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