I live on close to three acres, and I love the land. There are lots of trees and the ground moves in interesting ways. However, it can get a little wild. In East Texas we receive plenty of rain. That means beautiful flowers and trees, yes. That ALSO means keeping this magical green world tamed can be a bit of an undertaking.

Back in the spring of 2015, I was determined to learn how to be a "better gardener." I don't what exactly caused me to feel the need to cultivate more of a green thumb, but somehow there it was. Perhaps the land itself was the catalyst.

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Now, by no means was I planning to haul loads of dirt in a tractor or climb trees and cut limbs. However, it seemed perfectly reasonable that I should have the fortitude to manage the herb garden, shrubs, and flower beds of varying sizes around the property. Right? The only problem? I just never felt prepared or "inspired" enough to begin. I don't know if I imagined a magical green fairy would swoop down and "boop" me on the head with inspiration pixie dust or whatever, but she never came. Days, weeks, and months would go by and nothing ever changed.

Do you know when I actually began to feel inspired? Once I just took the plunge, made a small list of plants, soil, and tools I would need to fill the first flower bed, made the purchases, and dug in. Literally.

Within ten minutes of just digging in and beginning the process, a flood of ideas came to me about what do in other areas of the property. It was empowering because I was already seeing the beautiful changes and my energy to continue soared.

I have found this to be true when it comes to almost anything. From, say, writing a blog to beginning an exercise program. Anytime I would wait to be "inspired," my goals were delayed. Yet, every single time I took even the smallest step toward what it was I hoped to accomplish, I immediately felt more inspired and thus motivated to move forward.

"Mood follows action." I have heard this quote many times attributed to various people. Thus, I must beg forgiveness of the actual author of this quote. The sentiment is right on, however.

Take action today and the inspiration will come. Wait and see.

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