What the what?! Selena Gomez and Jaden Smith on a dinner date?! Okay, before we get ourselves all worked up, we have to keep reminding ourselves that Jaden is extremely close with Selena's main squeeze -- Justin Bieber.

The two were spotted leaving a restaurant together in London, where Gomez was none to keen on having her face snapped by eager photogs. It was only a couple days before that Gomez said she had arrived in London, but was feeling way under the weather. She tweeted to her 15 million Twitter followers:

Well it seems as though her tummy is feeling much better because not only was she well enough to go out to dinner, but she looked dang good while doing so.

We have good reason to believe this was NOT, in any sense of the word, a date. Yes, Jaden and Justin Bieber are good friends, but who else were they meeting at the restaurant? If you guessed Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton from 'Fresh Prince') then pass go and collect $200!

We bet Jaden was being a gentleman and escourted Selena to the restaurant so she didn't have to brave the paparazzi herself. Are you watching, Biebs? That's just a good friend to have around.

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