From what we've heard of Selena Gomez's album 'Stars Dance' album so far, the LP seems to be very dance heavy. This influence is especially apparent on one of the bonus tracks off the album titled 'Lover in Me.'

The bubbly, dance-able track, produced by Dreamlab, has Selena singing, "The lover in me is the lover in you / And you can't stop my heart / You're taking on me like I'm taking on you / And it's my favorite part."

We think a certain someone *cough*Justin Bieber *cough* may have been in mind when Selena sings, "Cause we fit perfectly when you lay over me / Run away from the world outside we know." Seriously though, good luck getting this song out of your head for the rest of the day!

We find it hard to believe this is just a bonus track when it sounds like could be a hit single. It fits in fabulously with the other songs we've heard from 'Stars Dance,' but how is this just the bonus?! Seriously, July 23 can not get here soon enough!

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