Selena Gomez gabbed with Barbara Walters and her crew on 'The View' yesterday (Oct. 17). She also visited David Letterman's late night show to perform. Thankfully, she didn't diss Justin Bieber this time out.

Looking gorgeous with her side braid on the gabfest, Sel talked about her newborn little sister, saying she feels like a big aunt, given their two-decade age gap.

Babs asked how she manages to dance as much as she does on tour, even though she is young and full of energy. Sel shared that she loves telling a story through dance and that there are 13 choreographed pieces on the Stars Dance Tour. That's a lot! No wonder she had to ice down when the tour started.

The singer and actress also talked about baking cookies with Taylor Swift and dancing like they are five year olds!

It wasn't a super enlightening interview, in that we didn't learn anything that we didn't already know. But Sel did say that she is a girl, which means she changes her mind a lot, so 'Stars Dance' might not be her final CD. That's good news!

Is it us or was co-host Jenny McCarthy a bit over-the-top while gushing over Gomez?

Bieber's ex also performed 'Slow Down' on 'The Late Show With David Letterman.'

You can watch that perf below. Check out those slits in her skirt! Sexxxxxxaaaaayyyy!

Watch Selena Gomez Perform 'Slow Down' on 'Letterman'

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