Disney fans are going wild upon discovering that Shakira was wearing nearly the same exact ensemble as her Zootopia character Gazelle for her Super Bowl LIV halftime show performance last night. An acute observer put the two images side by side on Twitter, confirming the uncanny similarity between the two outfits:

Sadly, Shakira didn’t sing her character’s uplifting song “Try Everything,” which serves as the final scene of Disney Animation Studios’ 2016 comedy-adventure movie. But the resemblance is enough to conjure up strong Zootopia vibes. Some are even going so far as to suggest that Zootopia predicted Shakira’s halftime show. However, there’s still a chance that it’s entirely coincidental. The character of Gazelle was designed around Shakira’s iconic persona, including elements of her wardrobe. But then again, a shimmery crimson two-piece isn’t just something you throw on. There has to be some meaning behind it. Perhaps Shakira was giving a nod to her antelope amiga Gazelle.

Shakira was joined by Jennifer Lopez, who took the stage with “Jenny From the Block.” Lopez then proceeded to show off her pole-dancing skills, which she undoubtedly picked up for Hustlers. Shakira and JLo were then joined by Lopez’s daughter Emme, who helped them close the night with “Let’s Get Loud.” The high-energy dual performance was filled with show-stopping choreography and dazzling visual effects. For Shakira, it was the "best birthday gift" she could have asked for — the performer turned 43 on Super Bowl Sunday.

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