A 33-year-old Manhattan man let his road rage get the best of him and he learned a big lesson in exchange. After he used his SUV to run over a motorcyclist on the freeway, he was brought to immediate retribution by that biker's friends. 

This video is insane! It seems a little long at over 6 minutes, but every second is unbelievable and a must watch.

Watch with a wide open jaw as a man in his Range Rover gets frustrated by a group of motorcyclists taking a joy ride. His frustration led to him hitting and then running over a biker. After endangering the biker's life, he simply just runs off. But, the biker's buddies don't let him get away.

Chills wash over your body as you watch at least 30 motorcyclists catch up to this murderous motorist.

They follow him over 50 blocks right into the city to make sure he pays for his crime. Though the man driving the SUV contacted police out of fear because of the large group following him, they could offer no help now.

Once the traffic slowed down in the highly populated city, the bikers wanted to cause a little damage to the SUV that almost took a life. The video ends with a few men taking off their helmets to bust out the windows of this maniac's car.

Just watch.

Isn't that crazy?

The biker that was hit while this SUV driver tried to get away is paralyzed. Edwin Mieses, the injured motorcyclist, says that he does not blame the driver for his actions. Alexian Lien, the driver, cannot not be judged for what he was thinking in that moment says Mieses.

Mieses did not press charges on Lien and claims that this will not be the end to his joy rides. He stated that he will in fact walk again.

What a great deal of compassion and forgiveness from Mieses.

What would you have done?

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