With the election a month behind us, 'Saturday Night Live' has to find another political subject to latch onto in the coming weeks and the Fiscal Cliff crisis certainly feels right. Last night's episode continued the 2012 tradition of opening episodes with something politically themed with a typical presidential press conference sketch, where Jay Pharoah's President Obama took the stage to address the Fiscal Cliff. Naturally, things get weird pretty quickly.

Obama is joined by speaker of the house John Boehner (played with a wonderful, shifty nervousness by Bill Hader) and in a remarkable turn of events, it looks like the President has agreed to the opposition's demands. Not because they have a better argument of because they've convinced him otherwise, but because Obama has learned that Boehner is the subject of brutal bullying around Congress and he feels sorry for them.

It's Comedy 101 -- take something as serious as a potential financial meltdown and infuse it with the maturity of a High School student council and create comedy gold. Well, maybe not gold. Maybe comedy silver.