Whenever the movie Starship Troopers is on television, it's guaranteed that my boyfriend will watch it. Scrolling through the TV guide, when he comes across it he stops and I cringe.

This film has become a sort of cult classic.Rotten Tomatoes may list it as 63% fresh, but to me - it's just gross.  This $100 million science fiction / action flick from 1997 had quite the cast.

Casper Van Dien - Beverly Hills 90210, Titans, Monk and several television appearances

Denise Richards - Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Bond Girl, and Wild Things

Rue McClanahan - Blanche of the Golden Girls

Dina Meyer - Beverly Hills 90210 and several television appearances

Jake Busey - Son of Gary Busey, producer of Starship Troopers

Michael Ironside - Top Gun, Total Recall

Neil Patrick Harris - Doogie Howser, How I Met Your Mother, Harold and Kumar...

Amy Smart - Road Trip, The Butterfly Effect, Just Friends

Brenda Strong - Desperate Housewives, Dallas


When I asked my boyfriend, "What do I watch that annoys you?" He replied, "You don't watch movies over and over again."

Not true, so I replied, "Oh wait, you just don't know what I like to watch, because I never the get the chance to choose. You always have the remote!"

We shared a good laugh over the whole thing, but now I'm curious...

What does your significant other watch that makes YOU cringe?