When the news broke yesterday afternoon about Steven Tyler leaving American Idol, the first thing I thought about was that I was going to miss the bit that Jimmy Kimmel does called, "Steven Tyler's Creepy Leer Of The Night."

Of course, Steven Tyler is a very eccentric kind of person and thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, he also pointed out that Steven also has some weird and creepy looks, too! When American Idol was in production with auditions and live shows, Jimmy would feature at least one of the creepy looks that Steven gave the contestants.

These looks are pretty funny and I'll miss this bit on his show. Thanks to YouTube, there are a couple of compilations of these creepy looks in one video! If you never really noticed his weird looks at the contestants, get ready they're going to be pointed out to you in the series of videos below!

On Jimmy's show last night, he gave us one last new "Steven Tyler's Creepy Leer Of The Night!"