Justin Timberlake is in Texas for a series of concerts. Y! Entertainment reports Saturday night in Austin, Texas, he stopped the show, asked for the house lights to come up, and sent security over to a fan who looked medically distressed.

"We need some assistance right here about five rows back," the *NSYNC star said in a clip shared on social media.


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On Saturday, June 1, the singer, 43, was performing his 2002 hit "Cry Me a River" at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas, when he noticed a fan seemingly needing assistance.

In a video shared on TikTok, Timberlake briefly halts his Forget Tomorrow World Tour performance to check up on the fan in question.

After telling the crowd to "put your hands up" to the song, he tried to get a member of the security team's attention, pointing to the person who appeared to need help.

"House lights up, thank you! Sorry, everybody. One second... we need some assistance right here about five rows back," the NSYNC star said.

"Are we OK? No, no problem!" the musician told the fan after they seemingly thanked him for stopping the show to check on them.

"OK, we're OK," Timberlake said, smiling and clapping.

Per TMZ, an eyewitness said paramedics weren't called to the scene, and the fan in question later returned to their seats.

According to a release, Timberlake delivered two hours of back-to-back hits and new favorites from his sixth studio album, Everything I Thought It Was.

The star is set to take the stage at Fort Worth, Texas, on June 4,

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