Meow for those of you who are fans of Broken Lizard, and their hit movies like "Beer Fest" or "Super Troopers," you're going to love this.

They are back for round two of the hilarious movie "Super Troopers!" The whole gang is returning, Thorny, Rabbit, and even Farva. Anyone seen my liter of cola? The Vermont State Patrol may never be the same again! Meow!

Meow, this time they are doing things a little different. The script is meow written, and the cast has been set, but they are missing one very important part -- backing from a major motion picture studio. In short, they need cash meow. They have taken to their Facebook page, YouTube and in an Indiegogo campaign to fund the new project.

The online campaign has already raised nearly all of its $2 million goal in a day of being live.

Meow, I for one cannot wait to see what the sequel brings! When those boys get all hopped up on the maple syrup, you never know what kind of shenanigans they will get into. So meow, get ready, Car Ram-Rod could be coming back to a movie screen near you!


'Super Troopers 2' Indiegogo Campaign Video [Warning: NSFW language]

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