Here is a look at some of the memorable Super Bowl Ads from last year.

A commercial for this years Super Bowl as short as thirty seconds can cost a company up to $3 million. That sounds insane, but the number of viewers for this Sunday’s game is expected to reach 100 million. No company can advertise to even a fraction of that number of people at once and in one place. Therefore the fight to get a spot in the line-up Sunday is extremely competitive. So far, Sketchers,, Audi, Volkswagon, Pepsi, Doritos, Best Buy, E-Trade, Budweiser and Career Builder are some of the top companies that made the cut.

What’s funnier is that a lot of these products have nothing to do with the actual commercial and what it entails. However, comedy sells, and these ads seem to work, so why not go the humorous route to get people to buy your products? It’s a win win: your products sell, and your audience gets a laugh.

To get an idea of how competitive it is for a company to get an ad in, think about this: there are six open spots left for Sunday, and the number of applicants is 5,000.

The Super bowl kicks off this Sunday, February 6th at 6:29 pm.