9/11 Birthdays Are Bittersweet
Today is my 30th birthday. 12 years ago today, I awoke to adulthood and a happy household. A family friend had come by early in the morning to drop off two special birthday gifts. I had recently discovered art. This particular friend was well-read, had traveled the world and was starting to share her wisdom with me.
New Discoveries
Investigators are looking into the possibility that a part of a landing gear from one of the planes which crashed during the September 11 attacks has been found near Ground Zero in New York City.
Where Were You on 9/11? Our Staff Shares Our Memories
September 11, 2001 is one day that no American will ever, ever forget. Whether you were in New York City, at work, at home, at school - you will always remember where you were the moment that you heard about the Twin Towers being hit. Something as traumatic as that is not something that you forget. We asked around at the station to see where people were and how they felt on that day. Read Mor
Listen to Usher’s 911 Call on Trespassing Female Fan
Usher is calm under pressure or perhaps he was just fearing for his life and remained as quiet as possible for safety reasons. You can listen to the singer’s 911 call to the authorities on June 24, which he placed when a delusional female fan who claimed to be his wife was found wandering (aka trespassing) on his property in Georgia.

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