Bruno Mars Hits Homerun ON SNL
Bruno Mars served at both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live last weekend and unfortunately I missed the most watched and apparently one of the funniest episodes within the last seven months.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, this was the highest rated show since Lindsay Loha…
Steven Tyler Admits He Suffers From A.D.D.
In Steven Tyler‘s candid interview on ’60 Minutes,’ the ‘American Idol‘ judge revealed a lot about himself and his contenious relationship with Aerosmith. In an honest moment, Tyler admits that he suffers from attention deficit disorder (A.D.D.).
Aerosmith Places Older Albums On iTunes
Some artists have been reluctant to put their music on iTunes, although the list is short, it's just got a bit shorter because Aerosmith has just placed some of their older albums on the widely popular digital music site.  The albums, which were originally released from 1973 to 1987, inclu…

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