Planes Collide In Mid-Air
People go skydiving all time and for the most part everything goes as planned except in this case. Eleven skydivers were lucky to survive a mid-air collision between two planes that carried the adrenaline filled skydivers.
Thanksgiving Brings Travel and Health Hazards
In a week many Americans will be joining their families at the over-stuffed and over-sized dinner table celebrating Thanksgiving with a feast of food and sharing many memories of years past and what's happened to them over the last year and then either watching football or playing board games a…
$5 Million German Model Airport Now Complete [VIDEO]
Even as a child, you probably never imagined a model plane system as comprehensive as the Miniatur Wunderland railway in Hamburg, Germany.
After 6 years of construction, the "Knuffington Airport" now boasts 200,000 mini people, 6 miles of track, computer-controlled airplanes that ac…