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Anderson Axed
On Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, nobody finds out if they’re the father. Nobody ends up a sloppy, crying mess after an interview. Nobody throws things. Very few people get makeovers. He doesn’t give away piles of free stuff. There are no harpy women arguing loudly over each other about curren…
Anderson Cooper: "I’m Gay"
Ending years of speculation, Anderson Cooper announced this morning that, yes, he is gay. Read on for his official comment and why he decided now was the right time to publicly come out of the closet.
Adele Performs Acapella For Anderson Cooper [VIDEO]
Adele is one of the biggest names in music right now. You can't go anywhere without hearing one of her songs. Just about the only place you won't hear her lately, though, is in concert. Last year she had to cancel two tours because of problems with her voice and because of that, she underw…

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