Texas is Auctioning Rare License Plates
If you want a Texas license plate that says AA, LUCKY, or PLEASE, now is the time to bid! Texas is auctioning off fifty of the most sought-after license plates right now and the bidding ends in two weeks. Single digits like the number 8 are available too.
Lon Morris Employees May Get Their Money
The has been a year of financial trouble for Lon Morris College, and because of that, there are 138 employees who are still owed money.
But that could be resolved soon. If all goes according to plan, those employees could get there money just a few days before Christmas.
Michael Jackson’s Thriller Jacket On Auction Block
This is the weekend that Michael Jackson's famed red jacket from his "Thriller" video goes up on the auction block.  The jacket is expected to go for $200 to $400-thousand dollars, but the auctioneer feels that it could go as high as a million though as there is big interest in this piece …