How to Help Elijah's Retreat
This retreat in Jacksonville has been a place for autistic children and their families to enjoy some fun and relaxation. But, due to some financial concerns, it may have to shut it's doors.
Hero Golden Retriever Rescues Missing Autistic Child
The parents of 5-year-old Scotty Meyer, who suffers from autism, were fear stricken when they realized their son had disappeared. The family officially reported him missing midday last Tuesday, convinced that he had slipped out of the house while their air conditioning was being repaired. Fortunatel…
Burgers For Aspergers In Lindale
Hot!  Sweaty!  Cranky!  Tired!  Yuk!  We'll get through this right?  You may or may not know, my sweet son was born with a brain tumor that caused some developmental delays when he was born.  He started to display some behavioral problems early this year and is on the Autism Spectrum.  Grrrr.  Oh we…