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SNL Season 40: Bill Hader to Host October 11
Early reports on 'SNL' season 40's inaugural three hosts pegged 'Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt and comedian Sarah Silverman, though it seems reports of series alum Bill Murray were only half-right. 'SNL' has indeed tapped a legendary departed cast member for …
Sneak Peek
After leaving Swallow Falls in the first movie, Flint and the gang must return after learning it's overrun by sentient food beasties.
Close Call
It's being described as a 'train wreck' of a rehearsal for a Saturday Night Live sketch that stars Justin Bieber and Bill Hader from when Justin pulled double duty for the late night show back in February on NBC.
Bieber's A Diva
Hader's gonna hade!
'SNL' cast member Bill Hader left the show after this season wrapped. He discussed his departure on Howard Stern's morning radio show, opening up about the Justins who hosted – as in Bieber and Timberlake -- this past season. Turns out it was two tot…
Season Finale Preview
Earlier this week sad news broke that 'SNL' vet Bill Hader would depart the series after Saturday's upcoming finale with Ben Affleck and Kanye West, potentially taking fellow veterans Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen with him. Whoever goes, Ben Affleck's upcoming introduction into…

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