Miracle Treat Day Is Today
East Texans love their children AND East Texans love DQ Blizzard's! Chill out with a Dairy Queen Blizzard and help East Texas children at the same time on Miracle Treat Day!
Snowpocalypse 2016 Fun [WATCH]
Say what you want about New York City - but our friends out east now how to make light of Snowpocalypse 2016!
Blizzard or not, these guys make us want to get on a plane and join them, snowboarding through the streets of NYC!
I Am Obsessed With the DQ Confetti Cake Blizzard
While watching TV this weekend, I saw a new commercial for Dairy Queen's Blizzard. Now, I've been a fan of the Blizzard for a long time and hadn't had one in a while until I saw their new flavor of the month (which I hope will be around for more than a month!) and everything changed.
Incredible Blizzard Time Lapse
The blizzard that has paralyzed the northeast and eastern part of the U.S. has produced some beautiful pictures and amazing sights!  Check out this time lapse video of the blizzard courtesy of Michael Black and Richard Blakeley at