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Ways To Support Kidd's Kids Day
Today is Kidd's Kids Day 2013 on Mix 93-1! Mix 93-1 is helping to raise money to send children with a chronic illness or terminal illness to Walt Disney World next month.
Meet Cade - A Mix 93-1 Kidd's Kid
You can imagine how excited a 10 year old child would be after getting the news that he was getting to get to go to Walt Disney World in Florida! Instead of letting your imagination run wild, I'll relay to you what his mom said, "He ran around the house yelling, 'We're going to Disney World'!&q…
Kidd's Kids Day 2013
Kidd's Kids Day 2013 on Mix 93-1 is Wednesday, October 23rd. Kidd's Kids Day is the one day out of the year that Mix 93-1 and Kidd Kraddick in the Morning set aside to raise money to help send kids with a chronic or terminal illness to Walt Disney World.
Burger King Hacked
Things got weird in the burger wars yesterday when hackers broke into the Burger King Twitter page and started firing off pro-McDonald's tweets.
Burger King Testing Delivery Service in Some Cities
Hey America, if you were wondering how you could possibly gain more weight eating fast food — wonder no more — Burger King has got your ever-expanding backside covered.
Following testing in Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Columbia and Peru, BK is offering delivery service at ten participating loc…
Burger King Kills Its King
Burger democratists, rejoice: As of this weekend, the creepy Burger King mascot, “the King,”  is officially dead.
Concurrent with the release of the guacamole topped California Whopper, Burger King’s new advertising agency of record McGarryBowen has …