Shark Cat Rides Roomba
When I stumbled across this video I didn't believe that the headline was true, but there is actually a cat wearing a shark costume riding a roomba vacuum cleaner.
Like Grumpy Cat? You'll Fall in Love with Henri
If you love cats, or just cat videos on the internet then you may have stumbled across this award-winning video already, but I just found it this week. Henri 2, Paw de Deaux filmed by Will Braden is a winner for the Golden Kitty Award, the People's Choice prize of the Internet Cat Video Festiva…
Cat Vs. Banana Peel
By nature cats are very inquisitive and cat owners definitely know this. They will get into just about anything and when something new or strange is introduced into their world they'll (most of the time) investigate it. In the case of the cat in the video, it was a banana peel sitting on a table tha…
What's The Cat Doing?
There are reasons why you love the internet and reasons why you hate the internet and I'm going out on a limb with this one, but I'm going to say you're gonna love it!

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