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5 Great Super Bowl Ads According To Lucky Larry [VIDEO]
There are few TV shows that pull in the number of viewers that the Super Bowl does and that's why advertisers are willing to spend millions of dollars on ads during the Super Bowl.  These ads are full of big name stars, heritage brands and entertainment.  Several
Coke Billboard in the Philippines Reduces Air Pollution
Billboards are usually just meant to promote a product or Donny and Marie Osmond’s latest casino residency, but this sign in the Philippines is doing a lot more — it’s reducing air pollution, too.
Coca-Cola and the World Wide Fund for Nature (known Stateside as the World Wildlife Fund) collaborated o…
Spanish Man Claims Family Invented Coca-Cola
You can't beat the real thing, but you can take credit for inventing it.
A man in the small Spanish town of Ayelo is taking credit for Coca-Cola, claiming his family is responsible for creating the world's most popular soft drink.
Taio Cruz Could Be Performing Your Song On Idol
Hey aspiring song writers of East Texas...your original song could be performed by Taio Cruz during the finale of American Idol!
Taio Cruz and Coca-Cola have teamed up for the contest for fans to write an original song for Coke and the winning song will be performed by Taio Cruz on American Idol&apos…