You Do This 134 Times Every Day At Work
In addition to checking email every six minutes and switching back and forth among thirty applications, we do this 134 times every day at work without even thinking about it. This right-click maneuver is so routine, we really could do it in our sleep.
My Poor MacBook
A word to the wise, or those who are impatient and in a hurry constantly, namely me ... do not run over your MacBook Pro like I did last night. MacbBooks are excellent machines. They are beautifully designed, come loaded with incredible media software, and they withstand viruses better than the aver…
Apple Unveils iCloud
For the first time since 2006, Apple did not show off a new iPhone to open the company's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference. Instead, Steve Jobs today officially unveiled Apple's iCloud music and media storage service as well as new operating software for Macs and mobile devices.

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