Tyler State Park is One of the Best for Bikes
Texans are so good at making the most of the outdoors.  In the spring. When it's not a hundred degrees at noon. State parks can be great places to ride bikes if you know where to go, and we've got a hidden gem right here in Tyler.
Beautiful Cycling
As you've probably noticed the Tour De France is going now. While, I'm not a huge cycling fan, I am a fan of traveling Europe. Last fall, I crossed the pond for the first time and visited Italy for ten days. It was incredible, and now I am eager to return...
Bicyclists Banned
If you are a cyclist in East Texas you've lost one place to ride. The North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority rescinded their agreement with cyclists  in a vote, 7-6, on Tuesday banning cyclists from riding on Toll 49. Under consideration in the same meeting was a resolution allowing cyclists limited usage of Toll 49, which the NETRMA board did not accept. Bic...
Lance Armstrong Confesses To Oprah Winfrey [POLL]
Lance Armstrong confessed to a lot last night during an interview with Oprah Winfrey in regards to doping while competing in the Tour de France and other cycling competitions. Since part 1 of his confession aired, opinions have been stated by fans and viewers and some have actually been changed.
Bicycle Rides in Tyler Are Leading to Coffins — It Has to Change
Imagine a young man who decided to take a bicycle ride down the street to your favorite sandwich shop on a gorgeous summer day. The sun warms his back as he makes sure to look around at intersections and when switching lanes, but the breeze of gliding down hills cools him as he rides. Being careful to stay as far right as he can to pass the cars parked at the curb, he sees the sandwich shop less t
Lance Armstrong Announces Retirement (Again)
Lance Armstrong says he's quitting cycling, the sport he once dominated, and this time it's for good. Still, cycling enthusiasts are wondering if he's really serious, or if Armstrong's being like Brett Favre, always retiring only to come back for one more try at glory.