Devastating Deer Disease is Changing the Way Texans Hunt
A disease that impacts deer causes them to have major neurological problems, and it can rip through a herd pretty quickly.

Wildlife managers in Texas are doing their best to prevent the spread, and that means hunters have to adjust their routines and obey some new rules to help out.
Odds Of A Texas Driver Hitting A Deer Has Increased
I see the yellow signs up and down the Farm-to-Market roads and occasionally the county roads throughout East Texas warning us that deer may be crossing, or darting, across the road at any time and not to hit them because they can cause a lot of property and personal injuries. Just the other day, wh…
Two Baby Deer Get Loose in a Supermarket [VIDEO]
In this latest edition of animals loose in stores, two baby deer found themselves inside a Publix supermarket in Suwanee, Georgia.
The fawns tempted fate by wandering over toward the meat section, where they were scooped up by store employees. Unfortunately, the video ends before we learn if the…

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