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Emma Kelly Shoots Down A Young Boy For Valentine's
Valetine's Day is coming up Sunday. Kellie's daughter Emma Kelly was asked by a boy in her class is she would be his Valentine for this year, she rejected him and was upset and swears at her. Kellie tells the rest of the story in today's best of audio clip and it's quite cute!
Kellie's Daughter Emma Kelly Passes Out Because Of Kellie
Kellie celebrated her 20th anniversary with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show on Friday, May 30th and one of her presents from the production staff of the show was a balloon bouquet. The show had some fun with the helium and when Kellie took her balloons home she gave Emma Kelly the chance to suck in h…
'What Is Kidd Doing?'
While riding in the car with Emma Kelly, Kellie Rasberry gets some rather deep questions from her six year old sometimes. Kellie tries her best to answer them and within the past few days after learning about the death of Kidd Kraddick, Emma Kelly wonders what Kidd is doing in Heaven. Kellie tries h…