The Top 5 Biggest Summer Fails in East Texas
It's hammered into our heads to be more active overall in life, but in Texas, that can be a big summer fail because it's too darned hot! Hydrating with beer is also bad. And there are several other things we should be skipping during the summer months.
Gingerbread House Fail!
We try it each year, and each year we fail at making pretty ribbons with the icing and properly spacing out the gumdrops. But this might have been the worst gingerbread house fail so far with the dog adding his touch.
Big Al's Thanksgiving Fail
It may be hard to believe, but the fail during Thanksgiving wasn't Big Al's fault this time! I know right!
Twerking On A New Level
Ok, we saw Miley Cyrus doing her thing at the VMA's a few weeks back and now it seems as if everyone is trying to come up with their own form of twerking and trying to reinvent the dance in new ways.

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