Israel Sets the Model Standard — How Will Their New Law Affect The U.S. and East Texas [POLL]
A new law set by the Israeli government is taking dramatic strides towards a more healthy weight for its citizens. With regulations being set on what the public can see, they hope that the numbers of sufferers of eating disorders will drop. This is a landmark decision for the health of their nation, but could it come to the states? How will it affect us here in the United States and in East Texas?
10 Weird Christmas Finds on Pinterest
With all the time we spend on Pinterest, it's no wonder we've come across so much quirky and awesome stuff. Half our holiday gift and decorating ideas come from the site alone! Want to check out Disney/Star Wars mash-up art or a cheeseburger dress? They've got you covered. Not surprisingly, the site also has a whole slew of questionable holiday products you can pin and repin, like a pickle ornamen
Kanye West Launches Design Company DONDA
After debunking a fake Twitter page (which is now shut down), Kanye West went on his own Twitter account to announce that he is launching a new design company called DONDA, named after his late mother, Dr. Donda West. In his lengthy tweets, Yeezy describes his new company as a think tank of creative ideas that will change the world.
Ultimate Scarf Fashion Tips [VIDEO]
With the cold weather upon us I’ve been trying to figure out how to dress warmly but not look like I’m bundled up. Scarves are coming in very handy the last couple days — keeping the cold wind off my neck.  But, I wanted to do more with my scarf that just wrap it around my neck once. I found this video that shows us how to become “scarf devas” in less than a minute.
Jennifer Lopez’s New Fashion Collection to Debut at Kohl’s in September [VIDEO]
Jennifer Lopez has a lot going on these days — motherhood, a clothing line, a recording career, a judging stint on ‘American Idol,’ and a recent split from husband Marc Anthony. As if that isn’t enough, she’s just added a second line to her fashion empire. She tells O Magazine it will join her existing J.Lo collection at Kohl’s in September. But unlike the fledgling designs, which were aimed at te
Secrets of the Bikini: A History Guide
Though the bikini made waves when it first appeared in the late 1940s, the origins of the revealing two-piece date back much further. Similar garments were worn by female Grecian athletes as far back as 1400 BC, while primitive artworks from Asian Minor push the garment back another 4000 years ...
Woman Sues After Suffering Burns from Bikini Top
If you’re thinking of getting a nice tan this summer, consider the tale of Robin Corrente first. The 50-year-old Yaphank, New York woman is suing a bathing suit manufacturer, claiming she suffered third-degree burns after the underwire in the top portion of her bikini became overheated.

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