My Sim City Addiction Has Gotten Even Worse
Not only am I addicted to the SimCity BuildIt app, but now I have two. I realized at some point this weekend that I could download the app to my smart phone and have a second city.
I realize that the addiction has only gotten worse, so instead of fighting it I have just let it take over all of my spa…
Dumb Ways to Die [VIDEO]
You may have heard Kellie Rasberry talking about this video during the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show on Tuesday, but have you seen it yet? Dumb Ways to Die.
5 Games to Play on Road Trips
Ahhh, road trips. So much family bonding time. Being trapped in a moving vehicle for countless hours is a surefire way to either cause a family feud or spend some quality time together...your choice.
Have Aliens Invaded Google?
Did you open google's homepage this morning like I did and I find a somewhat bizarre Google Interactive Doodle? If you mouseover over the doodle you'll discover that today is the 66th anniversary of the first UFO sighting in Roswell, NM.
As I do with most Google Doodles, I clicked on it to …
Costly Carnival Game
If you’re going to blow through your life savings, you should at least do so in a way that gains sympathy. Don’t do what Henry Gribbohm did.