Super Slow Motion Camera Reveals Interesting Pictures
After watching a video on YouTube we're exposed to other suggested videos and one of those videos caught my attention with a rather interesting still photo. I've had that photo posted online and on our Facebook page asking you what you think it is. It's now time to reveal what it actu…
What is this?
I'd like to know what you think this a photo of. Click on the title above and leave me your guess there or on the Mix 93-1 Facebook page and I'll reveal the answer at 2 this afternoon on
Designer Handbags — Which Brand is Your Favorite? [POLL]
Ladies, our promotions department has been busy stocking the Mix Boutique with this season's hottest designer handbags. You'll have a chance to win one starting Tuesday morning right here on Mix 93.1. We'd like to know who is your favorite designer when it comes to designer handbags…